Enterprise systems (ES) are complex software packages that enable integration of data across the whole organization (Esteves and Pastor 2001). Despite several decades of intense research, the process of ES implementation in the public sector is not yet fully understood (Seres et al. 2019). The topic of ES in the public sector is important, however, as these systems serve as the platform for efficiently and effectively servicing the population as part of e-government. Roztocki et al. (2021) previously proposed a conceptual framework showing six key concepts, viz. political leadership, employee motivation, government regulations, financial resources, commercial base, and vendor quality, as the driving forces in ES implementations in the public sector. The aim of the current study is to empirically validate the framework developed by Roztocki et al. (2021), which was based on data collected in semi-structured interviews of City Hall employees in Poland that were involved in ES implementations. The proposed new study will use surveys to validate and possibly refine, extend, and improve the conceptual framework. The first phase of this project will be to construct an appropriate instrument specifically devised to assess the validity of the existing framework. This survey questionnaire will be developed based on previous research findings and literature review. In the second phase, after preliminary, internal testing, the questionnaire will be posted online in a pilot study aimed at a limited number of employees in only one City Hall in Poland. In the third phase, after modifying the survey instrument, if necessary, several hundred randomly selected employees in multiple City Halls across Poland will be asked to complete the online survey. In the fourth and final phase, the collected data will be used to validate and possibly modify the framework. The proposed study will benefit other researchers in two ways. Firstly, it will show if the framework proposed by Roztocki et al. (2021) is valid and can be applied to better understand ES implementations in the public sector and the driving forces behind them. Secondly, the specially developed and tested survey instrument can be used or modified by other researchers for their own investigations. References Esteves, J., and Pastor, J. 2001. "Enterprise resource planning systems research: An annotated bibliography," Communications of the Association for Information Systems (7), pp. 1-52. Roztocki, N., Strzelczyk, W., and Weistroffer, H.R. 2021. "Driving Forces in Enterprise Systems Implementation in the Public Sector: A Conceptual Framework," Thirteenth Annual AIS SIG Global Development Pre-ICIS 2021 Workshop, Austin, TX, USA: Association for Information Systems (AIS). Seres, L., Tumbas, P., Matkovic, P., and Sakal, M. 2019. "Critical Success Factors in ERP System Adoption: Comparative Analysis of the Private and the Public Sector," E+M Ekonomie a Management (22:2), pp. 203-221.