In a typical SSBA environment, the technical department provides data, tools and technologies specifically optimised to lower the operational complexity of processing data into information. As a result, the employees become more autonomous in fulfilling their own information needs enabling technical department to focus on more strategic tasks. In such scenario, the value of SSBA is co-created between the different actors (which is in this case business and technical employees). Co-creation occurs mainly as a result of the integration of the employee’s competencies (such as knowledge, experience and technical capabilities) with the previously mentions environment resources enabled and maintained by the technical department. As such, resource integration is considered a central activity in SSBA environment causing value generation or in other words processing data to generate business insights. Thus, through a qualitative approach, this paper aims at addressing the following research question “what mechanisms enable and facilitate resource integration in a SSBA environment”. Understanding these issues is important as more knowledge about what drives resources integration would be highly valuable for managers and IT professionals confronted by the complexity of enabling such an autonomous environment of insight generation.

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