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As an empirical study to encourage technology-based entrepreneurs, this paper reviewed the concept of success variables and competencies that could increase the likelihood of SMEs' success. To analyze the impact on entrepreneurship capabilities and to identify causal relationships, we analyzed the effects and differences on related factors. To derive solutions that improve SME performance, we studied the following goals: First, the causal relationship was identified by analyzing the effect of success variables on competency and business performance. Second, the effect of success variables through the mediating effect of competency on business performance was analyzed empirically. Third, the effect of competency on business performance was analyzed empirically. Fourth, the moderating effect of whether there are differences in factors affecting business performance according to six industries such as electricity/electronics, IT/SW was verified. The results of this study will be provided to the government policymakers and government support organizations to incubating youth entrepreneurship, and even if they are founded, they will contribute to creating business results without failure by supplementing and strengthening the success variables for each industry sector. Our research model, as shown in Figure 1, attempts to answer the following research questions. 1) To what extent are SME success variables and capabilities affecting performance? 2) If a success variable affects performance, which one has a mediating effect? 3) Does the industry sector have a moderating effect on performance, or is there a difference in the moderating effect by industry?

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