Achieving Academic-Industry Collaboration with Departmental Advisory Boards


Advisory boards are an effective tool for sustaining industry-academic collaboration. Linkages through boards are deep and can enable the conversations needed to exchange knowledge and produce human capital. Yet, advisory boards are complex entities that require significant management. In this webinar, we will debate the advisory board value proposition and compare the mission, governance, recruitment, and role of board members across four different institutions in the U.S. The webinar will provide archetypes and best practices for implementing advisory boards at your institution. We hope to encourage colleagues to create and sustain valuable industry-academic collaboration.

The webinar is based on a paper in MISQE on advisory boards. See: “Achieving academic-industry collaboration through departmental advisory boards.” Munir Mandviwalla, Bruce Fadem, Michael Goul, Joey F. George, and David P. Hale. MISQ Executive, 14:1, pp. 17-37, March 2015.