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The Roof Savings Calculator (RSC) has been deployed for DOE as an industry-consensus, web-based tool for easilyrunning complex building energy simulations. These simulations allow both homeowners and experts to determinebuilding-specific cost and energy savings for modern roof and attic technologies. Using a database of over 3 millionRSC simulations for different combinations of parameters, we have built a visual analytics tool to assist in the exploration and identification of features in the data. Since the database contains multiple variables, both categorical and continuous, we employ a coordinated multi-view approach that allows coordinated feature exploration through multiple visualizations at once. The main component of our system, a parallel coordinates view, has been adapted to handle large-scale, mixed data types as are found in RSC simulations. Other visualizations include map coordinatedplots, high dynamic range (HDR) line plot rendering, and an intuitive user interface. We demonstrate these techniqueswith several use cases that have helped identify software and parametric simulation issues.