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Proceedings of SIGSVC Workshop


Technology-enabled services have considerably changed the way people learn, perceive, and interact with the system. The system refers to the entities such as people, technology, and environment involved, resulting in an outcome. The paper makes use of related literature from the marketing, computer science, human-computer interaction, and service science disciplines to extract major themes, which are relevant in consumer-provider interactions during the process of technology-based services' design. The purpose of extracting these themes is threefold. First, they help us to develop a formal and an efficient relationship between the consumers and providers. Second, they contribute towards the fact that value co-creation is a function of the interactions. Third, they systematically guide any service designer to include the consumers in the design of the services, which they are consuming. Thus, consumer-provider interactions have an integral role to increase the value gain for the consumers and the providers. This study attempts to find how providers can improve the service design process through interactions with their consumers. It is submitted as a research-in-progress paper.