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Proceedings of JAIS Theory Development Workshop


There is a significant and growing trend to apply affective phenomena into information systems research for theory development and testing. Yet, the concept of emotions - a multiple-component affective phenomenon - has not been well studied in the information system realm, and thus it is not well understood for formulating the theoretical research context. To redress the gap in the literature, this study sets out to provide a review of the literature in order to lend insights into our understanding of the linkages between human emotions and information system research. This paper begins by conceptualizing emotions based on the psychology theories and laying the groundwork for examining the emotional concepts in the information systems literature. We select one positive multi-dimensional emotion, namely enjoyment, as the current research target. From our analysis, we elicit a number of aspects for considering the future information systems study, especially when researchers would like to form their theoretical models with the concept of emotions. We then conclude with the particular research challenges posed in this line of inquiry.