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Proceedings of Mediterranean Conference on Information Systems: Consortium


In the last few decades, IS and IT have changed human behavior profoundly and therefore can be seen as having the potential to support the shift to a sustainable society. As a result, the role and contribution of IS in eco-sustainability has become the concern of many IS researchers. We posit that the Greenness of IS can be seen in the practice of inscribing, appropriating, and enacting Green intentions and goals, together referred to as Green values in IS. Thus we argue that Green IS can be studied from the practice perspective drawing from the Theory of Practice (Bourdieu, 1977). A practice perspective provides powerful and relevant constructs such as habitus, capital, field, strategy, symbolic power and doxa to understand both the causes and outcomes of Green IS. Armed with these constructs (which can be employed in trio (habitus, capital and field) or in piecemeal), IS researchers can pursue rich and diverse Green IS research agenda. The paper discusses several research directions that IS researchers could take in using the constructs offered by the Theory of Practice.