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Proceedings of JAIS Theory Development Workshop


Despite evidence that competing forces shape adoption and assimilation of technologies, there is currently no comprehensive model available that explains how such forces impact individually and socially oriented usage of technology. We distinguish between exploration versus exploitation forces and individual versus social forces and posit that these play key roles in shaping assimilation behaviors and usage outcomes. On this basis, we develop the Competing Forces Framework (CFF) of technology assimilation and validate it by analyzing how a group of fifteen iPhone users assimilated mobile services over a period of seven months. In doing so, we draw on data about the antecedent conditions at the time of iPhone adoption, about interactions within the group and its wider social network, and about how individual usage patterns developed over the considered time period. Based on the analysis, we describe and explain how the iPhone was assimilated into the group. As a result, we offer two distinct contributions to the literature. First, we present the CFF to support further investigation of how assimilation behaviors and usage outcomes are shaped as social groups adopt new technologies. Second, we offer new insight into the forces that shape assimilation of mobile devices into a social group of users. At present the analysis is forthcoming.