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University of St. Gallen, Switzerland


Albeit a given extensive availability of analytical information systems (AIS), acceptance and usage of these systems can be estimated as rather low. In order to increase the awareness level of AIS within corporations, to expand the user base, and to establish AIS as a central, enterprise-wide foundation for decision support, the responsible departments need to address the marketing of their services. This includes e.g. the definition and communication of their service portfolio and the identification and analysis of user groups. In this paper, we develop a procedure model for the in-house marketing of AIS. Theoretically well-grounded in service marketing and relationship marketing and practically substantiated through expert workshop and an empirical investigation, the procedure model offers a structured foundation for in-house marketing initiatives in the context of AIS. The procedure model consists of the four phases (analysis, planing, execution, and control) and twelve particular activities, which allow corrective returns in between the single activities.