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This paper is a discussion on the practical issues faced by Information Systems professionals when they employ Grounded Theory Method (GTM) in Information Systems research. Various strands of GTM are derived from the grand GTM proposed by Glaser and Strauss in 1967. Starting with the dicta proposed by these two authors in 1967 on the use of GTM, the paper explores several variants of the method that have surfaced and are currently in use. The proponents of GTM had dicta on the use of theory (hypothesis), use of research questions, use of literature in the substantive area of research and data-gathering methods. This paper will explore ways on how these dicta are used when researchers undertake a study in an area of their expertise. This discussion is intended to serve as a guide for novice researchers who intend to use GTM for their Masters or Doctoral research studies as well as for people using the method for the first time. It challenges researchers to reflect always on espoused research methods versus research methods in use.Lastly, some quality aspects of GTM research that will ensure acceptance of the inductively generated theory to a scholarly discipline are proposed.