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itAIS, Italy


There are evidences, both from theoretical and managerial perspective, that team creativity is one of success factor for ICT innovative projects. This article focuses on the team design for ICT project, considering the relevance of the collective creative dimension. What is the relationship between individual and collective creativity? How to design and manage creative teams in ICT projects? We developed a wide research programme aiming at going deeper in creativity dynamics to understand what factors and which processes contribute to increase or reduce the creative performance at group level. According to our research aims and considering the review of the specific literature, we designed an experiment. Multiple measures of both individual and group creativity were considered. Results confirmed our main assumption: individual creativity is positively related with group creativity but it does not fully explain it. Moreover, individual creativity has different significant impacts on the three different collective creativity components. Finally, we suggest some practical guidelines for managing an effective creative ICT project team, to support the team members staffing and the group composition.