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This paper presents initial findings on how Ambient Networks technology will enable new ways to establish and manage access and service provisioning from a business perspective. A concept called network composition, developed in phase 1 of the Ambient Networks project provides the basic framework for ambient networking meaning that any user will be able to connect to any network implying that users have readiness to use services from anywhere as long as a service is available. This service availability is one challenge from business perspective.The paper focuses on the composition concept as a tool for making business, including how to dynamically establish and maintain business relations and how to handle relatednegotiations and transactions made on the fly, and providing services for end users according their preferences everywhere. The analysis is focused on five different aspects of composition; i) network advertising, ii) selection mechanisms and criteria, iii) negotiationson terms and conditions, iv) dynamic roaming and v) subscription provisioning. The methodology is based on the Business Blueprint Method and applied to a number of casestudies.