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University of Amsterdam, Netherlands


Increasing retail concentration and the growing reliance of both producers and retailers ontheir brand make producer-distributor relationships in many fast moving goods industries a critical factorfor delivering customer value. A shop-in-store agreement (SISC) is a clear example of how collaborationbetween producer and distributor is developing to become a long-term oriented working partnership.Research on such kind of working partnerships has been conducted focussing on the marketing-mixelements that determine the success of such retail concepts. We want to extend the analysis of a SISCincluding the concepts of structure of the relationship, fairness and consider success as consisting ofsatisfaction and commitment. An extention of the extant literature is proposed based on insights from themarketing channels literature. Four routes to success are proposed as a result: 1) one winning format; 2) onewinning arrangement structure; 3) fair division of outcomes; and 4) fair dealings with partner.