Scandinavian Journal of Information Systems


The need for improved implementation of information technology strategy has been emphasised in both empirical and prescriptive research studies. In this study, ten content characteristics of formal information technology strategy are identified from the research literature as potential implementation predictors. These are descriptions of: i) resources needed for the implementation; ii) user involvement during the implementation; iii) analyses of the organisation; iv) anticipated changes in the environment; v) solutions to potential resistance during the implementation; vi) information technology to be implemented; vii) projects’ relevance to the business plan; viii) responsibility for the implementation; ix) management support for the implementation; and x) clearity of the documentation. The survey was conducted in Norway whereupon the return of 471 completed questionnaires resulted in a satisfactory response rate of 43%. Formal IT strategy was reported in 40% of these organisations. The two significant predictors in the testing of hypotheses proved to be description of responsibility for the implementation and description of user involvement during the implementation. Suggestions for further research are concerned with adding richness by searching for other explanations of IT strategy implementation beyond characteristics of the plan itself and including contingency variables