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L'Internet marchand : caractérisation et positionnements stratégiques


The rapid development of information exchanges due to technology's pr ogress and open Internet protocol has generated the development of new types of commercial activities. A literature review of this phenomenon known as electronic commerce on the Internet or e-commerce will lead to the formulation of a conceptual framework combining two dimensions : 1) user position relative to the Firewall, and 2) impact of the Internet technology on relationships. Then, fairly in-depth case studies are conducted. This leads to uncover and characterize three distinct strategic positionings : 1) the Internet as a marketing tool, 2) the Internet as a transactional space and 3) the Internet as an integration and innovation space. It also leads to identify the conditions essential to understand the transition from the positioning to another. We draw lessons that can guide managers faced with the strategic decision to invest in the e-commerce infrastructures and help them understand the nature of the winning organization in this new virtual environment. Finally, major stakes related to the integr ation and innovation positioning are discussed.

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