Systèmes d'Information et Management


he concept of panoptic developed by Michel Foucault has been widely used in research in information systems (IS) and organizational theory to describe the recent forms of organiza- tional control that developed as a result of massive use of technologies of information and communication technologies (ICT). This framework has long been very relevant, but the new characteristics of ICT (including ubiquity) lead us to rethink the organizational control fra- mework. This article applies the work of G. Deleuze to propose a new assessment of control systems, incorporating the use of ubiquitous technologies and new space-time in which they operate. To confront this framework to the organizational reality, a case study is conducted in a consulting firm in the banking industry. The case study highlights a tangle of controls, which illustrates the importance of Deleuze’s approach, without definitively rejecting Fou- cault’s panoptic approach, suggesting a power of two interlocking perspectives.