Systèmes d'Information et Management


This paper presents a method for the evaluation of exchanges' efficiency within communication networks related to operational processes. The interest of this topic arises from the fact that it has been largely excluded from social network analysis methods. In our method, exchanges, i.e. interactions and links, are modelized using the language/action perspective (which is based on the speech act theory) and exchanges' efficiency is defined as customer satisfaction. When applied to several case studies, the method clearly helped to identify inefficiencies in communication between the members of a particular network who are partcipating in an operational process. However, it did not allow to explore completely tha causes why such inefficiencies had arisen. In order to be able to analyse causes, our method should be completed with elements taken from theoretical approaches other than the language/action perspective. Finally, the paper suggests new research directions, e.g. the use of communication network analysis methods to study network organizations.