This panel addresses the topic of the perceived discrepancy between workforce skills expectations and undergraduate IS education. Literature research, employer surveys, education jam sessions, and informal interviews reveal that there is a gap between essential competencies expected by employers in the workplace and what is being taught in the information systems curriculum. The problem possibly stems in the focus of some Information Systems program (IS), and Computer Information Systems (CIS) curricula. If so, it appears that there is a need to reconcile industry expectations with what is being taught in academia. Within this context workshops have been targeted to upgrade IS curriculum (ACM/AIS in 2016) and project management curricula PMI (2015). We have an opportunity here in the panel to discuss and integrate our current knowledge about IS learning outcomes, competencies and curriculum. Key questions addressed by the panel: Is there a talent gap? If so, why is there a gap? What are the gaps in competencies? What is being taught today and what are the expectations from the workforce for students? How can we go about addressing the gaps in education? Should our core learning outcomes be upgraded?