A large, growing body of evidence demonstrates the effectiveness of learner-centered education. In addition to being effective in terms of learning outcomes learner-centered education is also more satisfying for the learner. The focus of a learner-centered class is on a learner-student partnership with shared responsibility for learning. The learner-centered approach fits well with the characteristics of "Millennial" generation students, who are team-oriented, value continuous learning and seek frequent feedback may find the learner-centered approach particularly satisfying. For some time, learner-centered approaches have been recommended for information systems courses; these principles may be especially important for today’s students. This tutorial will introduce the concepts of learner-centered education, illustrate how learner-centered concepts can be applied to information systems courses, and help participants understand how they can employ learner-centered education in their courses. We will also present a methodology for developing learning activities. Participants will have the opportunity to apply the methodology. The tutorial will use the principles of leaner-centered education. Participants will receive a link to tutorial materials and additional resources.