Over the years, a number of studies have suggested various classifications of IS/IT skills for sustainable employment of IS/IT professionals. However there exists variations in findings on IS/IT skills requirement which may be due to different classification schemes applied to categorize skills. To address this problem, this paper applied factor analysis to explore the taxonomy/classification put forward by Fang, Lee and Koh [2005]. Data was collected from three main constituents: industry (job recruiters), academics and students in Jamaica. The factor analysis results created four categories, which we labeled as (1) Technical Proficiencies, (2) Application Technologies, (3) System Development and (4) Organizational and Personal Skills. These classifications were somewhat different from that proposed by Fang et al (2005). This study confirmed that “soft skills” are more important than technical skills for entry level IS/IT professionals. For future studies, we suggest comparative studies at other universities/industries on a national and international level.