This study develops a visualization Proof of Concept that is aimed at improving the quality of life for the city in the South-Eastern part of US as a case study. Using design science research method, we create interactive visual maps called the quality of life explorer (QoLE) for improving the livelihood of residents of the city under study. We then used analytics techniques to customize the map and enhance its visualization and interactivity capabilities in a way that is simple to understand and use. Furthermore, the QoLE website has a built-in capability that allows report generation as well as increase interactivity of Map and data distribution tables. The outcome of this study will help the city authorities and residents to better visualize the data in a smarter and realistic way so that they can make informed decisions in redeveloping their city. More specifically, the study outcomes will help the City authorities and stakeholders integrate the disparate data into a centralized location for easy accessibility and use for decision making.