Digitalization has affected the status quo of every industry and retail is no exception. Omnichannel is the new norm in today’s retailing. The days of managing and highlighting ecommerce and digi-tal channels are over, now the time is for omnichannel. The shoppers are already omnichannel and this puts pressure on retailers to be omnichannel as soon as possible. In the last few years, acade-micians as well as practitioners have proposed omnichannel management as the future of retailing. However, the reality looks different; the knowledge about omnichannel management and the omni-channel transition is fragmented in the current literature. This research sheds light on the extant knowledge on omnichannel retail drivers and transition journey. The purpose of this study is to illuminate how the omnichannel concept is used and propose a model for outlining the transition from single channel to omnichannel. Moreover, contemporary research on omnichannel drivers and challenges are provided, as well as areas needed for further research.