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Agile Governance, Governance in Information and Communication Technology, Models, Maturity, Agile


Agile Governance in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is an area on the rise and has been suggested as an innovative proposal based on the use of principles and values of the Manifesto for Agile Software Development on Governance in ICT conventional context. However, the adoption of practices to good Agile Governance in ICT is still considered a challenging task due mainly multidisciplinary and relative paucity of the area. On the one hand, there is a set of principles, practices and values of the underlying areas this domain, on the other hand, this set is not presented yet organized in a broader context in order to promote a systematic and gradual way to an increase of maturity in Agile Governance in ICT. Given this gap, this article proposes a maturity model for Agile Governance in ICT constructed from a wide bibliographic study involving the areas of Governance in ICT, agility and maturity. During construction of the proposed model, it started with a qualitative approach, with inductive method and comparative-structuralist procedures. Finally, this paper presents an evaluation of the model proposed by focus group. As a result, a number of improvements identified during the study is subsidizing the construction of a new version of the model.


The paper is in Portuguese (Avaliação de um Modelo de Maturidade para Governança Ágil em TIC usando Focus Group)