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Smart Cities, CEP, Architecture, Crowdsensing


Due to the problems caused by population growth in large cities, there is a need for solutions that point to the initiative of Smart Cities, that is, using the technology to offer resources that can help solve or minimize urban problems. This solutions seeks the integration of several sources of Information Technology(ICTs), however, those source of Information Technology form complex structures and generate a large volume of data, that represents big challenges and opportunities, impeding the possibility of to make available, systems that integrate informations of sensors and capture data from the physical space, getting samples of what is going on in the city in real time. With the intention of offer a reference architecture, to compare issues related with those challenges and opportunities, this paper presents an approach that employs components off-the-shelves for the construction of a crowdsensing platform for solution in Smart Cities. We performed an experiment to determine the performance and stability of the system. Thus, this proposal opens the way for to broaden the integration of data sources of various types of sensors and devices.


This paper is in Portuguese (Uma Arquitetura de Referência para Plataforma de Crowdsensing em Smart Cities)