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Opinion mining, Opinion helpfulness, Opinion quality


This paper presents the application of a methodology for evaluation of usefulness of opinions with the aim of identifying which characteristics have more influence on the amount of votes: basic utility (e.g. ratings about the product and/or service, date of publication), textual (e.g. size of words, paragraphs) and semantics (e.g., the meaning of the words of the text). The evaluation was performed in a database extracted from TripAdvisor with opinions about hotels written in Portuguese. Results show that users give more attention to recent opinions with higher scores for value and location of the hotel and with lowest scores for cleanliness and quality of rooms. Texts with small values for intelligibility (more difficult) receive more votes than texts with large values of intelligibility.


This paper is in Portuguese (Avaliação de características que influenciam nos votos de utilidade de opiniões sobre serviços em Português)