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PMUs, Electric Power Systems, shutdowns, data mining


The volume of historical information related to the behavior of electric power systems, has significantly increased the size of the energy companies databases, but without contributing to the improvement in the aspects of operation, maintenance and quality of service, except for any queries historical behavior of variables. Several studies in the literature have been proposed to investigate various aspects this problem. Some of these works address the problem of disconnections of occurrence prediction in power systems using mining techniques. However, due to the large volume of data, the search for the preparation of methodologies and data selection becomes important. In this work, a methodology using data mining techniques applied the synchronized phasor measurement time series to aid the prevention of shutdowns due to voltage deviations in electrical power systems is presented. Are tested some mining techniques on data obtained in a 230 kV transmission line linking the substations of Tucuruí, Altamira, Rurópolis, constituting the electrical system Tramo western Pará.


This paper is in Portuguese (Avaliação de Técnicas de Mineração de Dados para Predição de Desligamentos em Sistemas Elétricos de Potência)