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Knowledge Management, Group storytelling, Ontology Learning


Business and IT systems are facing increasingly complex environments characterized by collaboration, change and variety of customers, suppliers and products. Group storytelling technique can contribute to the business knowledge management. The stories count brings benefits from capture to securing information, through communication and understanding of the concepts. American Companies (3M and Apple), Japanese (Sony and Toshiba) and European (ClubMed and Océ) already use this approach in practice. Ontology Engineering can contribute towards improving the quality of information and offer a solution to address knowledge management systematically. However, the specification and manually made of ontology management can be expensive, tedious, biased and prone to error. Automatic learning ontology is an approach that extracts ontology from the data, both structured and unstructured (text). This work presents, at the exploratory stage, a proposal able to specify, automatically, elements of an ontology, from the tacit knowledge of those involved in the field. An exploratory study was able to get the concepts of an ontology, automatically, from stories told by a group storytelling tool on the business process of one department of the University.


This paper is in Portuguese (Extração de Ontologias a partir de Histórias: um estudo exploratório em storytelling)