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Architecture, Opportunistic Communications


Opportunistic networks are one of the most interesting developments of MANETs, which allow various applications, such as downloading the mobile traffic, communications in emergency situations and contour censorship. The increasing number of mobile devices should, in theory, promote opportunistic networks. However, in practice, current technologies for opportunistic networks, such as Wi-Fi ad-hoc, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Direct, or are not available in current devices, or unwanted require user interaction to establish connectivity. To overcome these shortcomings, we propose an architecture that uses the Wi-Fi infrastructure mode in order to promote communication between devices, allowing the transparent exchange without user interaction content. Two applications that employ the use of this architecture are presented. The first, from personal devices, proved to be scalable in tests with up to nine devices. The second, vehicles, proved to be feasible when applied in scenarios with low speed, generating a low packet loss and high transmission rates.


This paper is in Portuguese (Arquitetura de Compartilhamento Transparente de Conteúdos Entre Dispositivos Móveis em Redes Oportunistas)