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BPM Maturity Models, Business Process Management, qualitative research


The adoption of Business Process Management requires organizational, technological and cultural change hat must continually evolve to achieve the advantages offered by this approach. Maturity models help in the evolution of BPM by proposing guidelines and techniques that seek to evaluate the actual status of the initiative for achieving a higher level. The variety of existing models motivated the identification of distinctions and similarities through an analysis of documents proponents of the models. The analysis was complemented with the perception of specialists about the theme. It was concluded that the maturity models proposed by Rosemann and De Bruim and the OMG are, theoretically, the most complete, intuitive and easy to use compared with others researched models. It was highlighted yet that a maturity model needs to be objective, clear and simple to effectively evaluate the BPM maturity of an organization.


This paper is in Portuguese (Modelos de Maturidade de BPM: Um Estudo Qualitativo sob a Perspectiva de Especialistas)