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Information Technology, Information Systems, Process Improvement, Public Service


One of the biggest challenges for an organizations IT area is to provide support so effective and efficient that the finalistics areas can achieve their missions, goals, indicators and compliance with legal requirements. The key to this problem is associated to information systems which are based on business models, being properly analyzed and specified, originating products that are close to business objectives and strategies. This article presents the experience with a complete restructuring proposal of the IT area, which includes changing internal processes, customization and deployment of software tools, involving organizational cultural changes. The proposal was implemented with the help of a framework, being used in many IT projects at the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation. When Complete the first execution cycle some organization benefits were verified, such as IT services quality, customer satisfaction and engagement, as well as transparency on IT projects.


This paper is in Portuguese (Reestruturando a Área de Tecnologia da Informação: um relato de experiência na administração pública)