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information system to support psychological treatment, picture oriented psychological treatment, m-health, e-health


This paper presents a novel information system to assist in psychological treatments through pictures taken by the camera of smartphones or tablets, creating a new communication channel between patient and therapist by the use of the proposed application Fotossenti. The purpose of this application is to help in the generation and management of information to be considered on the patient’s therapy sessions, which could go unnoticed in the traditional way. This paper presents a brief theoretical foundation on Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) applied to Health, especially those focused on psychology and considered in the development of this work, as well as unique characteristics of Fotossenti, with an assessment by specialist in psychology, and, finally, the challenges and opportunities found along the research. The conclusion recaps the importance of the development and use of new ICTs, particularly new information systems in the field of psychological health, and places the Fotossenti application as a tool to contribute to the generation of information for psychological treatment, and consequently the decisions taken by the therapist, increasing the benefits of treatment.


This paper is in Portuguese (Fotossenti: Um aplicativo para auxiliar em tratamentos psicológicos)