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TAP-I, ICT’s, Technology Adoption Propensity


This study aims to verify the existence of significant differences in propensity to technology adoption, considering users and not users of the “Nota legal”. To achieve the goal, among several other methodologies, we opted for the employment of the Technology Adoption Propensity Index (TAP-I). The study was carried out from a quantitative approach, through survey with convenience sampling, obtaining the return of 201 valid questionnaires, and at the end, we used the nonparametric method Mann-Whitney U test for the comparison between groups. At the end of the study it can be concluded that there are statistically significant differences between users and non-users of the program "Nota Legal", when searched for the technology adoption propensity.


This paper is in Portuguese (A Propensão De Usuários À Adoção De Tecnologias: Um Estudo Com Usuários E Não Usuários Do Programa “Nota Legal” No Distrito Federal)