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Social control, decision-making, e-government


This paper aims at demonstrating the effectiveness of a support tool for the social control of public management, the so-called SICM—Educa¸c˜ao (Integrated System of Municipal Costs — Education), which has been developed at the University of Londrina in a joint effort of the Department of Computing and the Department of Administration. The purpose of such a tool is to allow visualizing and comparing costs of schools, e.g. within a city. The paper shows a case study using the proposed tool over data obtained from one of the conducted surveys, regarding the city of Assaí/PR. It is also shown how the tool can be used to visualize the collected data and how it can be used to aid decision-making in public power, which enforces transparency and citizens control over the public administration.


This paper is in Portuguese (Sistema Integrado de Custo Municipal: uma Ferramenta de Apoio à Tomada de Decisão pelo Gestor Público)