Securing information and infrastructure is at the top of every organization’s priority. Security solutions are necessary and when properly implemented can minimize the exposure of an organization’s risk to compromise. Implementation can be costly and standardization is challenging. There are many cybersecurity solutions available ranging from open source to premium level coverages that can include deployment, monitoring, detection, and response. As threats evolve, the impacts of exploits become more difficult to thwart and in cases of ransomware the affects can immobilize a company and lead to lasting economic reprisal. Disaster Recovery provides an aspect of Cybersecurity and the most fundamental requirement for an organization to maintain continuity. When an organization publicly acknowledges compromise of their infrastructure regardless of the nature of the attack, the outfall is loss of confidence which inevitably impacts both internal and external stakeholders. This in turn leads to further efficiency loss to the businesses profitability as the primary resources are allocated to investigative and resolution matters. What this research's primary goal is to focus on Disaster Recovery and provide an executable with PowerShell at the backend to perform a selective approach to automating Disaster Recovery within Virtualization infrastructures. This research shows methods on which an administrator could build their project using native tools such as PowerShell, to provide their own customized automated Disaster Recovery solutions designed for Virtualized environments by initiating a backup, test, restore and conserve volatile state. Too often does an organization lack the necessary skillsets needed to bring an organization back to service after an attack as much has seen in the effect of Ransomware attacks. Providing these means for organizations gives those with less than a financial advantage a fighting chance against unanticipated attacks. We accomplish this by standardizing a method for the roles responsible in the organization for ensuring security measures are maintained using PowerShell.