Submissions from 2020

"Like Talking To a Wall": a Study of Multinational Customers' Online Shopping Experiences, Brigid Appiah Otoo, Yalda Esmizadeh, and Prashant Palvia

Cybersecurity Scenario Modeling: Imagining the Black Swans for Digital Infrastructures Risk Management, Atiya Avery

Mining High School Data to Predict and Increase Student Success in College, Timothy Barczak, Hemant Jain, and Keith White

Data Mining Pipeline for Performing Decision Tree Analysis On Mortality Dataset With ICD-10 Codes, Prapti Burkul, Karthikeyan Umapathy, Asai Asaithambi, and Haiyan Huang

Exploring Digital Content Creator Success in Patreon, Mitchell Church and Richelle Oakley

The Evolution of 'Use': Reconceptualizing the Nature of Information Technology Use, Michael Cuellar

Examining the Impact of User Reviews On Mobile Applications Development, Miriam Erne, Zhiying Jiang, and Vanessa Liu

Design of a Healthcare Monitoring and Communication System for Locked-In Patients Using Machine Learning, IOTs, and Brain-Computer Interface Technologies, Ernst Fanfan, Adriane Randolph, and Kun Suo

A Framework for Developing a Substance Use, Abuse, and Recovery Web-Based Application, Sue Feldman, Bradley Tipper, and Benjamin Schooley

Teaching Buffer Overflow via a Guided Inquiry Collaborative Learning Activity, Wu He, Li Xu, Yuming He, Xiaohong Yuan, Li Yang, and Jennifer Ellis

Teaching Introductory Programming Online: Lessons Learned, Xiaoyun He

Roles of Social and Organizational Climate Factors in Discouraging Employee Engagement in Nonmalicious Counterproductive Computer Security Behaviors, Princely Ifinedo

The Formation of Information Security Practitioner Ethics, Jonathan Jenkins and Shannon Beasley

How Do Users Choose Between Technologies? Insights from a User Value Perspective, Adarsh Kakar

A Theory of Agile Software Development, Adarsh Kumar Kakar

What is the Psychological Needs Profile of Users of Facebook?, Ashish Kakar

A Brief History of Software Development and Manufacturing, Ashish Kakar and Akshay Kakar

Understanding the Impact of Information Technology in Nonprofits: Insights From a Multi-Case Analysis (Completed Research), Mehruz Kamal

The Legality and Morality of Video Game Emulation (Research-In-Progress), Mehruz Kamal and Xavier Vogel

Understanding User-Perceived Values of Mobile Streaming Service By Cognitive Mapping, J.B. (Joo Baek) Kim, Soo Il Shin, Sumin Han, and Sangmi Lee

Quantifying Program Offerings with a Cybersecurity Education Maturity Model, Christopher Kreider and Mohammad Almalag

Security Policy Implementation: Leadership in Disruptive Change, Michael Lapke and Shalyn Lapke

Flourish the Market of Open Source Enterprise Systems Through Cloud-Based Technology: An Perspective of Cross-Side Network Effects, Peiwei Li and Yuhan Hua

Using 'IOT' To Enhance Knowledge Management: A Case Study From the Insurance Industry, Wenzhuo Li and Lixin Liu

Scaling Agile: Approach for Defining Key Aspects of Multiteam Agile Software Delivery Systems (Research in Progress), David Marshburn and Jaap Dekkinga

Artificial Intelligence, Decision Making, and the Knowledge Creation Process, Denise McWilliams

A Critical Study of Information System Use in Ghana's Public Sector, Thema Monroe-White, Peter Adjei-Bamfo, and Justice Balowe

Motivation and Information Affordances Towards User Engagement in a Gamified System, Kingsley Ofosu-Ampong and Richard Boateng

Developing Data Analysts for the 21St Century: An Sap Analytic Cloud Tutorial, Jeannie Pridmore and Joy Godin

Similarity Measures and Distance Measures Applications: A Software Engineering Prospective, Osama Rabie and Ehab Abozinadah

Developing and Deriving Value from Big Data Analytics Capabilities, Sujatha Rayburn and Jignya Patel

A Framework for Describing Alternative Keyboard Structures in Augmented Reality, Eric Reed, Christopher Kreider, Mohammad Almalag, and Keith Perkins

Assessing Cybersecurity Risks When Adopting Internet of Things (IOT) Devices, Julio Rivera and Paul Di Gangi

Sharenting: Parental Information Sharing in the Digital Age, Tripti Singh and Michelle Carter

Modeling Social Media Influence On Social Group Formation, Joycelyn Streator

A Model Minor Degree Program in Project Management, Manouchehr Tabatabaei and Michael Cuellar

The Affect Effect: State Affect, Cognitions and IT Usage, Julie T. Wade, Michael Dinger, Michelle Carter, Steven Dinger, and Jason Bennett Thatcher

From Theory to Practice: Examining Project Management Best Practices in Project Management Mobile Applications, Juanita Woods and Richelle Oakley

Connecting World With IOT: Issues and Problems Around Use Information, Ning Yang and Michelle Carter