Wikipedia, known as The Free Encyclopedia, is an online collaborative project providing free encyclopedia articles on a variety of topics (Burke and Kraut 2008). The project is possible due to an international network of independent volunteers, referred to as editors within the project (Viegas et al. 2007). While editors can perform basic tasks, a select set of tasks are reserved for those with the title administrator, such as deleting pages and blocking users. The title administrator is achieved after community assessment through a Request for Adminship or RfA (Kordzadeh and Kreider 2016; Kreider and Kordzadeh 2015).Ten years has since past from the time the cohorts of administrators were examined. As Wikipedia relies on the contributions of volunteers, including administrators, an interesting question is how long contributors will remain active in the project. This paper explores the factors related to promotion to administrator and longevity within the project.

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