The domain of technology in education (or educational technology) is quite broad and it is difficult to pin it down to one area of application, software, device, or tool. The purpose of this study is not on technology as an object of study taught on its own right, but as a tool closely intertwined with pedagogy in an effort to enhance, innovate, and/or transform the teaching learning experience. Moreover, the focus is on technology used in classroom settings across the P-20 domain as opposed to technology used in online or distance education. It is true in today’s interconnected environment, learning often occurs outside of the four walls of the school and to that end we recognize the influence of technology used in classroom setting can extend beyond the school system as students, teachers and other stakeholders interact and manipulate educational resources while at home or in the library, for example. Although the focus of this study is on the use of technology in traditional face-to-face teaching and learning it needs to be underscored that boundaries are increasingly blurred between internal and external environments.

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