Organizations are in need of employees who understand how integrated business processes and enterprise systems work. Business schools are working to incorporate Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems into their curriculum to address this industry need. ERPsim is an intensive simulation game housed out of HEC Montreal. It allows students to operate an organization in a real world ERP system. Using hands-on ERP exercises is one initiative that could enhance student learning of these vital topics. Most of the research to date uses ERPsim in the classroom with face to face teams working together in a lab. With most organizations having distributed operations, having virtual teams is a more realistic setup. How will virtual teams impact technology acceptance, student satisfaction, and perceived student learning? This paper investigates using virtual teams with ERPsim. Data will be collected using a pre and post survey designed to measure technology acceptance, ERP and business process knowledge, and student satisfaction. T-tests will be utilized to determine if differences exist after exposure to the course material and the hands-on exercises.