The technology acceptance model (TAM) is widely recognized as one of the more influential information systems (IS) theories and a practical and parsimonious framework for IT adoption. However, TAM is not without its limitation. Numerous incremental additions in TAM due to easy publication possibilities have made the model unwieldly and theoretically impoverished (Bagozzi, 2007). As a result, TAM, even after years of development is able to explain only 30-40% of the variance in the dependent variables (Lee and Kozar, 2003; Venkatesh, Thong and Xu, 2012). In this study we suggest that using the value perspective in technology adoption can overcome the above limitations. The value perspective leads us to propose a General Theory of Technology Adoption (GTTA). This first version of GTTA addresses the limitations of direct and mediating variables in core and extended TAM used for explaining the behavioral intention of users to use a technology.