Competency in the use of ICT is enjoying renewed attention in the research and practice, but there is a notable lack of a deeper theoretical view in this area of interest. This paper presents a grounded theory that revolves around three core elements. The concepts are: e-Competency Sets, e-Competency Acquisition, and Triggers. It is proposed that the practitioner possesses an e-Competency Set, which can be described in terms of three dimensions. e-Competency is obtained by engaging in processes of e-Competency Acquisition. These processes allow practitioners to learn about ICT through the utilization of e-Competency Acquisition Resources and by following e-Competency Acquisition Strategies. A trigger is an event that sets the e-Competency Acquisition Process in motion. This theory will also find application in a wide range of areas where e-Competency is a concern. The major strengths and contributions of the theory that is proposed here is indeed its ability to stimulate further research.