Sixth Normal Form (6NF) is a term used in relational database theory by Christopher Date to describe databases which decompose relational variables to irreducible elements. While this form may be unimportant for non-temporal data, it is certainly important when maintaining data containing temporal variables of a point-in-time or interval nature. With the advent of Data Warehousing 2.0 (DW 2.0), there is now an increased emphasis on using fully-temporalized databases in the context of data warehousing, in particular with next generation approaches such as Anchor Modeling. In this paper, we will explore the concepts of temporal data, 6NF conceptual database models, and their relationship with DW 2.0. Further, we will also evaluate Anchor Modeling as a conceptual design method in which to capture temporal data. Using these concepts, we will indicate a path forward for evaluating a possible translation of 6NF-compliant data into an eXtensible Markup Language (XML) Schema for the purpose of describing and presenting such data to disparate systems in a structured format suitable for data exchange.