Database concepts are considered foundational knowledge in Information Systems curriculum. However, there are many challenges to teaching database technology including prioritizing the topics to be covered, incorporating emerging trends and supporting students who find the topic challenging. One solution to address these dilemmas is the development of thematic modules supplemented with instructional materials. Through a National Science Foundation Course Curriculum and Laboratory Instructional materials grant, a set of interactive instructional software modules was developed to enhance and enrich the presentation of important database concepts. These modules, which include over 100 different animations, cover a wide variety of database concepts including database design, Structured Query Language, embedded SQL code, transaction processing and database security. The software is not tailored to any specific product or textbook but is intended to be complementary to classroom instruction. The courseware was designed to facilitate student learning by providing a venue for practice and feedback fostering an opportunity to include more depth or breadth to the concepts covered in a database course. The courseware has been made freely available and is located on the Web at http://adbc.kennesaw.edu.