Based on a need for quality venues of scholarly work, the Southern Association for Information Systems voted, at their 2008 annual meeting, to sponsor an online scholarly journal. The journal will be a classical, peer reviewed journal. Its emphasis will be on originality, importance, and cogency of ideas, with a broad focus emphasizing various research methodologies and inclusive of interdisciplinary investigations. The intent is to publish articles that adhere to the highest scholarly research standards and be inclusive in the publication process. JSAIS will distinguish itself by closely working with authors to develop submitted work. The founding JSAIS committee is working to launch the journal in the very near future. However, to remain as inclusive as possible, the committee is investigating different ways in which the review process might be implemented. Several models are evolving in academic review methods. The purpose of this panel is to introduce those methods and identify ways they might be adapted to meet JSAIS needs. The panel will be asking for commentary from participants.