Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is spreading widely today in a variety of development environments. Many organizations pursing a SOA, however, are unaware of the impact that this approach has on their development methodology and implementation strategies, which may be inappropriate and inefficient. Some issues caused by an inappropriately managed SOA implementation include dependency conflicts, inefficient time utilization, and ineffective utilization of resources resulting in a backlog of tasks. The individuality of services creates a gap that makes service implementation a relevant topic to pursue which can be addressed through the granular development of these services. Consequently, this research-in-progress examines SOA-based services development by focusing on service generation and proposing the concept of service trees whose branches serve as nodes of SOA-based services. Further, implementing the tree’s branches utilizing the scrum development methodology produces an approach where multiple services can be developed in parallel, offering a means to improve the productivity of a SOA implementation.