Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags enable a new dimension of commerce – termed “silent commerce” – by enabling object to object communication. Recent press headlines offer clear evidence of the furor this technology generates among companies and masses. RFID promises tremendous opportunities and benefits for the future. However, some reports are skeptical due to some of the threats associated with RFID. These threats must be sufficiently addressed before benefits are realized. Lack of a comprehensive list of threats and insufficient agreement on the threats hinders the adoption of this technology and also the research addressing the threats. This research attempts to identify the most significant threats to silent commerce by adopting a Delphi-based methodology. This approach enables us to produce a ranked list of significant threats. Furthermore, this work contributes to research by providing focus for research on mitigating risks and addressing threats so as to realize the full benefits of RFID. This research also contributes to practice by exposing threats that companies need to be aware of before implementing RFID to realize the benefits.