In this digital era, the concern about data breaches is rapidly increasing among consumers and firms. When the firm is facing competitive threats from the product market, would it perform well in data protection? Does the presence of a CIO/CTO help prevent a data breach? Would the impact of competitive threats on data breach vary by the severity of the data breach? In this study, by examining a sample of data breaches from 2005 to 2018, we find that competitive threats from the product market are positively associated with the likelihood of data breaches. And the presence of a CIO/CTO will also increase the likelihood of a data breach. It’s somewhat different from prior studies. We plan to further explore the competitive threats’ impact on different types of data breaches as well as their latent mechanism. Our study contributes a lot to IS cybersecurity and management literature.


Paper Number 1100; Track Cybersecurity; Short Paper



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