Medication interventions are clinical interventions that delay or prevent the recurrence. In this research, we built upon the social network theory (SNT) to examine how trust in attending physicians and different sources of online social support would affect patients' adherence to medication interventions. We conducted a mixed-method approach for different types of target populations. An online survey involving 311 patients with recent hospitalization experience was conducted, and the results confirmed that accessing support from online professionals made patients deviate from the medication interventions. Besides, patients’ trust in ability of their attending physicians would promote the adherence behaviors. Considering more senior patients, we conducted ten in-depth interviews to obtain further insight into patients' dilemmas and challenges in integrating eHealth platforms into their treatment. This research contributes to the existing literature by revealing the potential problems in eHealth platform development and operation, in integrating the eHealth platform with physical healthcare systems.


Paper Number 1338; Track Healthcare; Complete Paper



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