Co-creation is a newly emerging video production method on the UGC video platform. Based on the transactive memory systems and social capital theory, this paper describes the characteristics of the virtual team formed in the co-creation, and further explores the influence of virtual team characteristics and member characteristics on video quality. This paper collects 49,785 Bilibili co-creation video data, and uses natural language processing methods and quantitative analysis methods to carry out empirical research. The study found that the specialization of virtual teams has an inverted U-shaped impact on video quality, while coordination has a positive impact and credibility has a negative impact. Additionally, the trendiness and fame of team members can enhance the inverted U-shaped impact of specialization, and fame also enhance the impact of coordination. The research results provide theoretical support for creators and managers to optimize the co-creation mode on UGC platforms.


Paper Number 1185; Track Economics; Complete Paper



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