Live streaming has changed the way people shop, and it is becoming increasingly popular for male streamers to endorse female products. However, the mechanism of how male streamers attract female consumers to watch and purchase remains to be understudied. This study attempts to investigate the success factors of male streamers. Based on in depth interviews with 21 female and thorough literature review, we categorize male streamers' source attractiveness into five dimensions (physical attractiveness, voice attractiveness, verbal attractiveness, femininity and masculinity). A research model that explains how these attractiveness influence consumers’ behavioral intentions is proposed and validate with a sample of 234 female consumers. The findings confirm the effects of all the dimensions, although they affect consumers’ behavioral intention by changing their levels of pleasure and arousal through different mechanisms. This research advances our understanding of the interpersonal attraction caused by gender differences in e-commerce live streaming selling.


Paper Number 1796; Track E-Business; Complete Paper



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